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It is me-CindyRN

Cindy Brown

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I am on the computer at the benevolece agency I volunteer at-so this will be quick-I had to sign in under another name because I can not remember my pasword. Oh well I am as bad as the computer I HAD that crashed last week. Looks like it may be a week or 2 before I can get a new one.

As for me, I had my CT of the chest and abd., echocardiogram and mammogram and blood work done last Fri. and will get the results next Fri. and next Mon. I am not too worried, I feel pretty good except just short of breath but that could be the humidity here in the midwest.

I have kept in touch with a few of you thru the phone, and wil cont. to.

RY if you wat to call-try me.

Miss you all. Love to all


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Good to hear from you Cindy. We knew you had 'puter problems...but I was starting to worry that you weren't back yet!

Hope you get all set up soon with a new computer so we hear from you more often....and I will send a prayer out for all your tests to come back with positive news.....to reflect how good you feel!!

Keeping you in my thoughts for all good results AND a computer that will never again cause you to be absent! :D

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Hi Cindy,

I'm so glad to hear from you. I think about you and pray for you every day. That's a long time to wait for your test results, but I'm glad you aren't too concerned - that's a good sign that everything will be ok. You sure have had a lot of puter problems. I hope you can find a replacement real soon, or at least keep in touch with us from the benevolence agency.

You are a very special person, and we all love and care about you.



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Glad you are doing well. The humidity sure doesn't help much does it? We have had so much rain that going outside feels like a steam bath without the relaxing aspects.

I keep you in my thoughts. Sure have missed you.



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