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Want to but not ready for work


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I have been off work for a little over a year since I was Dx'd. We had to travel to Oregon from Alaska for treatment so I was unable to work then even if I did feel well enough. I spoke to my boss (new boss in the co.) about returning to work and was told he would get back to me. No word in over 3 months.

Right now I feel as though I am having late side effects to the WBR & Stereotactic from the end of March. I feel like a woos. I was always so strong & active. I have been offered a job with another company but do not feel ready to return to work as yet. I also have major issues re: memory. There are times that I have no recollection of a conversation I had the day before. Even when I am reminded. Thank God for understanding friends.

Is anyone else experiencing this several months since WBR?

Best of luck to you all. Rachel

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Guess you need to take notes or buy a tape recorder. I don't "remember " having a problem with memory but I sure came out with the wrong word all the time. " right drawer , wrong file" I call it . I do believe things will get better for you. A pad of paper could be a great help. Donna G

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I am experiencing this same kind of stuff several years after treatment that did NOT include WBR.

This stuff kind of changes your life, at least a little, sometimes more.

I was fortunate enough after a year back at work to get a desk job, which I would never have been able to stand before.

You never know.


Prayers always,


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Rachel, Dave had PCI last September and he had memory problems, extreme fatigue, all kinds of stuff like you are experiencing, all the way until this Spring. If you had whole brain radiation which is alot stronger than PCI I am not surprised. His symptoms gradually got better so yours should as well.

Hang in there,

Karen C.

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My memory problems also include a lack of focus, no time management skills and being easily side-tracked. I'm seeing a neuropsychologist to map my "mush" to see what needs to be fixed...

My cognitive testing is 7/22. Will probably have more info mid-August as tests have to be scored, etc.

You are NOT alone. It can be chemo, it can be the other, it can be the cancer... The doctor I am seeing said that there is data supporting cancer causing the cognitive problems, NOT just "chemo-brain".

Maybe your primary doctor can refer you to a neuropsychologist for cognitive testing, as well. You may be able to apply for disability if you are 'unable to return to work'...

Take care, my thoughts (scattered as they are) are with you,


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