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He is going to make me CRAZY!!


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well, thought you would all be "amused" by this. As I have told you Daddy is having a hard time putting on weight... he says he just doesn't have the appetite he use to have.... Well.... he came to stay with me for 3 days... on his first day here he didn't look great... by his third day here he had gained 3 pounds and seemed 100% better. Needless to say, we have figured out the probable cause of his inability to gain weight, Mommy discovered that because he is taking iron pills (for the anemia) he decided he needed to take a laxative every night. Sooooo....he has been "pooping" (for lack of a better word) at least once a day for weeks now... He has it in his mind that he has to have a bowel movement every day and because he is elderly and not eating as much as he use to, he is basically causing himself to be malnourished from this "activity". The reason he gained 3 pounds at my house was because he left the laxatives at home!!!! So.... I let him have it but good... I am thinking we may have solved this problem... will let you know - honest to God, never a dull moment.

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