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Chat with Jack & Cheryl

Connie B

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Hi Everyone,

Well, I talked to Jack last night while Cheryl was doing her Nebulizer(spell)

They both were in good spirits.

I am very impressed with the doctor's that they are dealing with, as is Jack and Cheryl. That alone is comforting!

They are going to do a surgical biopsy today to check the fluids (from my understanding). (we had a horrible phone connection last night when we talked). Anyway, her doctor's are leaving no stone uncovered. They should have the results either today or no later then tomorrow as to if the fluid is cancerous or not. I'm praying for NOT! I did ask Jack when she might be getting out of the hospital and he said the doctor won't say when. The doctor told him when they are done with her and have all the information they need then she can go home. (makes sense to me)!

Jack was telling me that this NEW doctor she has right now, his name is:

Doctor Pneumonitis. Can you believe that??? :shock: Well, lets just hope all goes well.

Jack will try to keep you all informed, otherwise I will update you as I hear things. I won't be talking to them today, but will check in with them tomorrow.

Jack told me how much they both appreciate all your prayers and well wishes. Oh, I also asked Jack how HE was doing, and he said, "fine and that he was getting some rest". We gotta keep our caregivers rested and alert! :wink:

I'll be back if I hear more.

Love & Hugs to All,


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