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Does anyone else have problems with lymphedema?


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I have no idea if that is my problem or not. I don't really see my dr's too much anymore and when I asked them about out previously they pretty much dismissed me. I guess they don't consider this a LC issue--they think of it as a breast cancer issue. I've tried to research it on my own but can't find too much information on it.

Does anyone here seem to have problems with it? I've had many nodes removed plus rads to the chest. I live in PA and the humidity seems to be really tough on me this yr. I don't know if humidy effects the lymph nodes or not?? All I know is that my arm is swelling (about 1 1/2" larger at night than in the morning), my arm pit feels swollen and my breast hurts. My bra size has even increased-- What is wrong with me??? Could this be lymphedema? Does anyone else have issues like this?

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I don't remember what your treatment plan was, but it can be caused by removal of lymph nodes and is usually more of a breast cancer problem because the nodes they remove during breast cancer surgery involve the arm.

But, I certainly think that is a possibly with chest surgery and you should mention it to your onc and ask is there isn't something that can be done--physical therapy, etc.

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What do you do for it? Wraps? massage? I keep trying to ignore it but my arm aches and so does my chest.

Why do doctors not recognize this in LC patients? I had so many lymph nodes removed during my surgeries and before they could decide what was wrong with me they took out a bunch of nodes throughout my chest, clavical and arm pit just browsing around looking for stuff. Then I had 12 weeks of radiation to the chest-left side. My left breast was burned so bad and so was the espohagus so why wouldn't they think the lymph nodes might also be damaged?? I think this may be some of the reason that people, LC patients included, have lingering pain.... I get so frustrated!!!!

Anyway, any ideas on how to cope?

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