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Mom has brain tumor on top of Lung Cancer

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Ok....the story goes...In Feb. of this year Mom found out she had NSCLC, had chemo and radiation for about 2 months. Her Lung cancer responded well to the treatments and shrunk but did not go away. Now it's been about 2 months and she found out today she has a brain tumor. The doctor says it's common and she needs more radiation and maybe more chemo. They said they may be able to stop it from growing any more but won't be able to get rid of it.

If anybody has gone through this can you give me some advice. I would love to hear any ideas good or bad.



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How large of the brain tumor? You can ask for Gamma Knife/stereostatic Radiosurgery to handle this. This is an invisible knife that no need to open the skull. Remember to ask the oncologist. Many members here tried Gamma knife and the effect is good. The condition of being the candidate of Gamma knife is the size of the tumor. The brain tumor cannot bigger than 3-4cm.

Hope this helps

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Sorry to hear about the mets. I hope you don't mind that I found some humor in your post's title. When I read it I thought, "Thank goodness her brain in on top of her body where it belongs."

Of course the sentene could also be read as suggesting your mom's brain slipped and now rests atop her lung.

Language can be such a funny thing, especially to old English teachers like me.

Seriously, I pray that answers are sought and found.

Best to you both. Again I apologize if I am out of line. It's probably the lack of sleep cos I can't blame any meds.


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Hi Heather,

I am the same age as your mom and I had a single brain tumor. I had surgery April 6 of this year and had stereotactic radiation on the 6th of June. The tumor I had was 1cm. It was located in the Cerribellum area of the brain. It effected my walking, had nausea and vomiting. I was in the hospital for four days after surgery. I did very well, no chemo only radiation. Does your mom have more than one tumor? If only one, how large is the tumor. If at all possible have them remove the tumor surgically then do stereo radiation...

You can PM me if you would like and I would be more than happy to try and answer your questions.

God Bless and praying for your mom,


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