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Prayers for mom...


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My mom is back in the hospital, being treated for what we thought was trauma to her chest, by way of obnoxious oxygen tank! :evil: She just got a CT scan and I am asking for some prayers that things do not look worse and that something can be done to alleviate her pain. THANK YOU!

Praying for us all,


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I am praying hard for your mom. She was diagnosed and has had just about the same treatments, and times as my husband. I know its hard to see them go thru this. :cry: Rob is having pains in his chest too, and he has bone mets that cause so much pain its unbearable without his 120 mg of oxycontin twice a day, not to mention the 125 mg of Duragesic patch! He had to get antibiotics today. Possible bronchitis or pnumonia (spelling?"?!!). He was happy to hear his oxygen level was at 97%. I am going to pray real hard for a miracle for both of them. God Bless, and take care of the caregiver too! :wink:


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Denise, An abundance of prayers and positive energy is going out for your mom and your family.


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Oh Denise,

The hospital is no fun. I hope so much that they find some silly, insignificant reason for this pain.

I am praying almost continuously anymore and adding your dear Mother to my prayers will be so easy. Mothers are very special people.

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