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I have a Question for Rick and All!

Connie B

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I was reading what this (General II) forum is all about and being that it's to be used for (lack of a better word), Idel Chit Chat, could we say? Why don't we just call it that? I see already that people are getting this General II confused with being a normal, regular General Forum, when it fact it's just for CHIT CHAT subjects? Do I understand this right???? I don't want people's important messages to get over looked if others read the forum directions and see that (GENERAL II) is for off subject conversation. So, what do you think Rick and all, should this Forum be changed to some other then GENERAL II ??? Not trying to create problems! Just thought it might be worth looking into.

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Yes, Rick is doing what he has done in the past. In a few days, once the General II forum gets established, he will archive the current General Forum and this new forum will take it's place. The old General was getting very very long and can be hard on those with dial up to go from post to post.


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