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New Career for me.....

Fay A.

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I start my OJT in two days....I'm going to be a night light....a glow in the dark Fay....I'll have red skin and green eyes and a close cap of gunmetal gray curls....

ARRRGH! I've turned in to my Junior High English Teacher....the one with the super short hair in a tight perm that she dyes Blue! You guys remember the dreaded blue haired ladies? They would rap you across the knuckles with metal edged rulers. Well, maybe you were well behaved and not on her "hit list", but I was on it as a matter of principle. I can just hear her...."Fay A., you're never going to amount to anything-RAP-you're just a bunch of wasted potential-RAP-I'm making a call to your parents as soon as I get home tonight-RAP-RAP-RAP....

Ms.E. isn't the least bit surprized I have grown up to be a night light. :shock:

(it's the drugs, folks. Goodnight)

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What a wonderful place to be....a nightlight...keeping the monsters away in the dark...helping someone to go to sleep. Maybe you could come to my house and keep the monsters away from me while I sleep. Nights are the worst...I start thinking too much. Love the humor.


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After waking up this morning: On the Job Training?

Lol, I must have worked this out in my sleep. I'm doing some important work at night lately, huh?

Anyway, a night light is a good thing. A very nice thing. Think of how many lives it saves and how many nerves it calms.

I think you ARE a night light, Fay. I cant thnk of a better metaphor for you.


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Gloria, I want hair like yours! And bubbly in a cocktail glass wouldn't be bad, either.

Elaine, sorry about the acronym...I'll spell things out next time.

Nina, you are so sweet. I forgot that nightlights don't just tick off those who can't sleep with the lights on, but actually comfort those afraid of the dark. Thank you.

Cathy, haven't started "work" yet...Thursday afternoon at 2 is when radiation treatments begin. I slept very well, thank you. I am beginning to take the pain meds more often now.

Ry, HECK NO! It doesn't pay at all. I finally find something that I can not just "do", but do WELL and it doesn't pay a dime. There are many things I can do that don't pay. Story of my life. :roll:

Elaine, again, On The Job Training? Yep. You can't learn to be a nightlight by reading books or going to school. This is definitely an Osmosis Thing.

Frank, during the day I will be what I always am, a fat lady, but with a slightly greenish cast to my skin...kind of like the glow in the dark toys little kids play with. :wink:

Well at least now my bulb shaped body makes sense:


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...and decorate the oxygen tank to resemble a "mini me"??

Oh, Fay....what was that old country song "You Can't Be A Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine"?? Shine on....lightning bugs are few and far between anymore, maybe they're all flocking to you??

Take care!



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Ohhh Fay;

LOVE THOSE CHICKENS !!!!!! :D:D ; Glad to see your enjoying yourself.

God Bless and be well


left pneumonectomy 5/2/01, brain mets, 12/18/03, WBR, 2/04

chemo- 5/1 for mediastinum tumor - can't eat or drink anymore- that sucks!

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today

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