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Duke of Earl - Chapter 69 - Bad News


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Earl was not doing well at all on Monday. Weaker than he has every been and very much sluring his words. Called primary and he said he

should go to ER - fall may have caused a brain bleed.

I had to call a big neighbor to get Earl out to the car. I could not even get him out of his chair. If fact the more I tried the more he sank down.

So I knew that some big decisions were going to have to be made.

The ER did a brain scan, a wrist xray and thank God, all that was alright. Earl told the admitting nurse that he felt much weaker on his left side, arm and leg. I was more surprised than the nurse.

This hospital recommended that Earl be transferred to Fox Chase for continuity of care. So Earl had a 'very bumpy' ambulance ride. They just got him settled in his bed on Tues and a resident reviewed his history and current symptons.

Yesterday we met with his oncologist, his radiation oncologist, the social services person and the caseworker. The consensus was that more treatment would more than likely do no good for the cancer but would be detrimental to his quality of life. This was not a gang approach to us, but each person individually. They were kind and caring, although it did not make the news easier.

So today we meet with the hospice people. Earl has agreed with the understanding that in 6 weeks, if he chooses, we can suspend hospice, get an other brain MRI and meet with the rad. onc. And then go on a new treatment or go back to hospice. This offers him a small window of hope and they graciously seconded that opinion.

I want Earl home, this is his home and he loves it. I need 'something' here to help me with him. I have so wanted to be the only one that took care of him, but other than having these damn fluffy hips, I am small and not particularly strong. Earl is 6', over 200 lbs and basicall dead weight.

So the laws of physics have prevailed once again.

So we start a new leg of this journey. A very wet leg, because I can not stop crying and he does not want this in front of him. By early evening we were laughing again but with a quivering lip.

I will keep you posted. I want to thank all of you who have called, pm'd, emailed or sent cards. You have no idea how important they are to us.

Please know that I will respond as I can.

P.S. I have really passed the word about this sight to the social services, nursing and doctors at Fox Chase. The resident's father has lung cancer and she was particularly interested.

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I'm so sorry that your sweet Earl is not doing well. :cry: I'm glad that you are keeping that window of hope open. Miracles CAN and DO happen. Why can't Earl be one of those?? I'm praying REEEEAL hard for the both of you!! I pray that our Hevenly Father will wrap you and Earl tightly in his loving arms. Thinking of you~~~~~~~


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Oh Ginny I am so sorry to hear that Earl is going downhill so fast. I have not posted many replies lately as I try to get back into the groove of everyday life but you and Earl as well as so many others have been in my thoughts and heart.

I know how difficult this has to be for you and it is hard having to admit that you cannot do it all alone. Accept any help that you can get and keep the option of getting off of hospice in mind. Just remember how blessed you are to have this extra time with your Earl that you could have not had. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers as always. Lillian

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:(:( I am so upset for this turn. Please talk to Earl and share any memories that you both share. Every second every minute is so precious. Also stay close with him and keep your eyes on him for avoiding any falls again. You are correct that you cannot afford his weight. So hospice may be a good choice.

Actually, what Earl now experiences is quite similar as my father's. He slurred and gradually cannot talk anymore. His left side is paralysed all because of his brain tumor.

Ginny, I will pray for you both. Earl is a tough fighter, he really is.... he is our inspiration indeed and undoubtly.

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my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

I was a patient at Fox Chase they did my pneumonectomy 2 yrs ago. They were wonderful to me and I'm sure they will do everything they can for both of you.

Keep your head up and I'll be praying for a miracle for you....

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Dearest Ginny,

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I will say that I think hospice is an answer for you to be able to manage Earl at home. I am sure he wants to be home and you also wanting him home, Home is where he should be. He will be in his comfort zone there. I am praying all the time for the both of you and will continue to do so. Give Earl a kiss for me!

God Bless You Both,


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Oh Ginny! I am so sorry to hear that things are not going so well right now. My prayers are with both of you right now. My heart goes out to you. Love and Hugs. Nancy O.

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