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Surgeon Visit Today & I must be cracking up

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I haven't slept all night but for a few minutes. I was sure I posted this around 2 a.m. but can't find it. :?

I'm asking for prayers and strength to speak my mind today. I have a lot of trouble with authority figures and am visiting the surgeon to see about removing last of tumor. It's further frustrating because at this time I have 3 biopsies:

local hospital - small cell

M.D. Anderson - non small cell with possible neuroendocrine

Oncologist send US Labs, California - came back mixed non-small and small cell (this was sent out personally by my oncologist's partner's brother who works in the lab that made the mistake. The lab/hospital doesn't know it was sent out)

I just can't trust my oncologist and spoke again with therapist, have decided to change oncs but in the meantime I'm exhausted from all the energy it's taken to get my treatment straightened out - if it ever can be.

I further found that I was given 56 rads as they thought it was SC and I wouldn't be getting surgery. Over 45 rads makes surgery risky or impossible because of healing issues.

I'm sooooooooooooo tired.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thanks Elaine. Did you see a post like this elsewhere or am I cracking up? Maybe I didn't hit submit this morning

This morning my blood pressure was 138/57. That's weird. It reminded me of the day I got the bronchoscopy and they couldn't give me drugs cuz my bp went down to 67/53

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