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need some prayers

David A

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HI Friends, Boy a few weeks ago I had a great week, 7 good days all in a row, had time to take a road trip and do lots of fun things with my twins.

Must have been the calm before the storm or something. Since last friday(7/01) I have been having terrible unrelenting pain in my right shoulder /chest,arm area. Have been working with my doc's nure prac- tioneer to get in under control with pain meds, so far not much luck. I got her number on speed dial fpor anything new.

I sure could use a few extra prayers through these rough days.

thanks, David

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Good luck with your pain meds. I hope they start doing the work they are supposed to do. It could be from all that fun you had with the road trip and the twins. The twin boys, not the twins from the Coors beer commercial.

You are in our thoughts.


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Prayers, Prayers, Prayers, Prayers, Prayers, Prayers, Prayers.


Pain Pain Go away, come again some other day! (maybe NOT)?! Just go away! :roll:

Hope this will help just a little!



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Becky was often definitely the same way. We would have several very active days in a row, with her being basically almost as strong as a "normal" 30 year old, and then she would spend a few days just hurting and worn down. It was so hard for her to moderate what she would do on those good days because she was so excited to be strong that she often would overdo it, I think. God bless!


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I'm not too good at prayers but I have lots of good wishes for you......and I can cross things real well....

I hope you will feel better soon (((((((((((( David ))))))))))))))))))) :!:

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