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Mint Leaf May Destroy Cancer


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Mint Leaf May Destroy Cancer

July 05, 2004

Researchers say they have discovered a chemical in a Chinese mint leaf that destroys cancer cells.

Professor Alan McGown of Salford University near Manchester, England, extracted a chemical from the Chinese herb that he says blocks the blood supply to tumors, thus destroying the cancer cell's ability to grow.

The only testing of the chemical so far has been in a laboratory, McGown hopes to change that.

If funding can be secured, Professor McGown hopes to conduct live and human trials within the next three years.

Doctors in China have been using the mint herb (scutellaria barbata) for hundreds of years to fight disease. It belongs to a group of herbs named the Scutellaria species or scullcap. Both the root and the above-ground part have been used to make herbal medicines. The root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat lung cancer and other medical problems.

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If they use it in traditional Chinese medicine, wonder if any one did a study to see if it actually works. Most medicine years ago was herbs , plants etc. as digitalis for the heart etc. Donna G

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One of the main dangers with taking supplements during chemo are anti-oxidents. Some anti-oxidents have been suspected of inhibiting the absorbtion of chemo drugs so that patients do not receive the full benefit from the drugs.

I wonder if mint leaves are full of anti-oxidants? I know we were told to avoid excesses in green leafy vegetable type supplements. I wonder if they are the same thing?

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