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(Radon) Critics Say HUD-Realtors Collaboration Hoodwinks

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Thanks Rich.

My home in Ohio had levels that were 4-5 times the recommended level. I recently tested my old home and you reminded me to get my new house tested

My mom did not smoke. My dad did though he quit 15 years ago. I think the radon probably increased her risk.

There are some websites around that show the average radon levels. In areas with high levels it is important that people get the radon tests

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Thanks to both of you - my surgeon 4 years ago told me that there are high incidences of radon in Missouri - that's where I grew up. It is too late to test for it now. John, do you know the websites that list radon levels? Also, how do you go about having your house tested?

I live in La Canada, CA which is just over the hill from Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There have been stories forever about the ground water there. There is alot of cancer in this relatively small town, even two boys from my sons class - they are 22 now - melanoma and colon cancer.

I really appreciate the research you guys do - I wouldn't have a clue where to look for these things. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Love and hugs,


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When we bought this house, we had the air tested but not the water tested until after my voice started getting husky less than a year after we moved in. There was, at that time, no govt. standard for radon in the water. I don't think there is yet....but at the time, the *recommendation* was for less than 500 picocuries per liter of radon in the water. We are on a well here.

We had NO radon in the house...but the water was another story...nearly 15,000 picocuries per liter. A house down the block, we found out later, had sat on the market for two years with a radon level in the water of over 22,000 ppl. :shock:

We had a carbon alleviation system installed...and while it's reduced the amount of radon to somewhere close to that 500 ppl, we still breathe radon every day in the shower. I wonder sometimes, just how much it had to do with my dx. :(

There is a lot of rock ledge in this area...which they say is often a factor in how much radon is in the air or gets into the water. You don't hear as much about radon today as you did 15 or so years ago when we sold our old house (which had radon in the air that we had to mitigate before we could sell) and this house which had none in the air, but turns out it WAS in the water. But you can bet that I will never again buy a house without checking for radon.

Interesting article....and like anything else, people need to be aware and require the right inspections before buying property.

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