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Lung Cancer Affects More Than Smokers

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I guess I am what you would consider tall -- 5'7. How interesting!

That article made me really want to get out there and spread the word about it not just being a smoker's disease. I am going to contact some local papers/publications and see if they are interested in my story. Thanks!

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I'm not really fat, just short for my height.

I have lost some height due to degenerative disc disease of the spine, but up until I gained all this weight I was considered a tall, thin, caucasian female....

Good Grief, sounds like the description of someone you're putting out an APB on :shock:

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Sheesh, Fay, your medical file must be as tall as you once were. So sorry you have had to deal with so many different medical conditions. I can't even imagine.... It shines a light on what I know of you, and I surely hope that many days lie ahead where you have nothing but good health.

Shining a light--hey that just reminded me of you and the beginning of radiation. Did you start today?

Are you now a nightlight?

Ok, I assume you are, so I am now singing "You Light Up My Life"-- can you hear it? I hope not, it sounds horrible, quite frankly....


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