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doxorubicin & the heart

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Carleen and Keith, maybe this will help. I've read a number of articles attesting to alpha lipoic acid as a help when taking doxorubicin.

http://www.loweringcholesterol.net/herb ... d-benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid Reduces Symptoms of Toxicity by tbe Doxorubicin Doxorubicin is a powerful medication used alone or in combination with other drugs to treat cancer, including malignant lymphomas and leukemias. While this life-saving medication is an important part of cancer treatment, it has the unfortunate side effect of producing cardiotoxicity, a condition that is hazardous to the heart. The health of cancer patients may be negatively affected by the use of Doxorubicin. A study involving patients who had been injected with Doxrubicin found that the oral administration of Alpha Lipoic Acid for 5 days before and 2 days after injection reduced the risk of Doxrubicin-induced cardiotoxicity. This was evident by significant reductions in serum creatine phosphokinase and lactate dehydrogenase. ALA also prevented the rise of malondialdehyde as well as the significant reduction of protein thiols. According to the clinicians who conducted the research, "These results may suggest that LA has a protective effect against cardiotoxicity induced by DOX and it may, therefore, improve the therapeutic index of DOX."[8]

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