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Have a Few Questions


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My dad has had 4 cycles Carbo/Taxol and 2 cycles Gemzar/Navelbine. At times he gets very shakey. His hands shake to the point that it is hard for him to hold a glass that is full. This is not constant, but seems to happen quite often. I notice when he is lying down his legs twitch some also. Has anyone had problems like this and was there anything that helped?

He has neuropathy in his hands and feet and the oncologist prescribed "Neurontin". He said this may help the shaking also. He said it will take about 3 weeks for the Neurontin to start working, so I do not know yet if this will help . Has anyone taken Neurontin for the neuropathy and have any success?

Any info would be appreciated. This Board has been a great help to me with all the info I get from here. Thanks


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Much has been written on this board. You could do a simple search of the key word, Neurotin (sp) and find what has been written.

I remember people saying it is a powerful drug. I took it for a couple weeks and decided it was not for me.


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I have been taking neurontin, and it is working on the nerve pain just fine....

I have tremors from medication and also from generally what's left after surgery... I notice them when I am fatigued or when my blood sugar is specially low.

Before I had the nerve problems and added neurontin, I was trying to reduce the other meds and was able to reduce the tremors somewhat, but not eliminate them entirely.

I believe that exercise, like occupational therapy for the small muscles in the arm, helped the tremors too.

My doctor called them 'intentional tremors', meaning they were tied into the intention to move.... or otherwise use the muscles.

Give your dad half a glass at a time. Less weight makes it easier.



Prayers, always

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