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Dads feeling ALOT better


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Hi everyone!

Haent posted in a few days cause I was sick as a dog with some kind of flu/cold that Im sure my lovley children came home from camp with. :?

My dad is feeling pretty good. Going for walks everyday with the dog, or walking down to the seven eleven for a slurpee. He seems to like getting out because hes so bored. His pain is under control now that they prescribed him viocadin. He was sent home with tylenol 3 -and it just wasnt doing the trick. They told him if needed, he could get percoset (sp?). He would have to go into the office though i guess because its a stonger drug or something. All in all... pretty uneventful.

There is one thing... my dad says around the incision for the chest tube, there is alot of swelling, and the dr. told him its normal and his body will absorb the liquid. We were scared that they took it out to early , but the nurse said its normal. Happen to anyone else??

More updates later.

Thanks for wondering...


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Be sure your Dad does range of motion exercises on that side. My skin stuck to the muscle then I had to go and have it released because I couldn't turn, it wouldn't slide and let me. ROM are raising arm up, out to side, forward etc. Sounds like he is doing great. Those dogs sure do help us out a lot. Donna G

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Jamie, glad to hear your dad is feeling better and getting out and about. I would watch the swelling place just to be sure there is no infection. Great picture of Chicago -- I took my daughter there in the fall of 1995 to see Wrigley Field and watch a few games. We had a great time. Don

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Hi everyone, and thanks for all the replies

I guess the general vote is that SLURRPIES ARE GOOD!!!

Just a quick update,

My dad is feeling pretty good today, yesterday was rough. Hes got this swelling that moves around from his neck to his arm and into his chest that he describes as the "water balloon". He called and the nurse told him its normal, but kindof painful. Its gone today so hes feeling pretty good. Thanks for all the good wishes, I hope things keep going so well.

My dad is going to come out to our neighborhood carnival tommorow to get out of the house for awhile. I guess hes getting a little sick of my mom and his dog.

Thanks again


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