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Should I call Oncologist???

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I knwo I panic easily, and I drive his Oncologist CRAZY (they say I don't) But I never know what to see as "notmal" and what to report. Scott is scheduled for CT scans of chest, abdomen and pelvis on the 12th. And, a full body bone scan on the 13th. And, we go back for the results on the 15th. The oncologist did confirm what the ER said, and that is, the cancer is in his ribs (2 broken) and the tumor in his lung is significantly larger.

Here is my concern.This morning, when he coughs deep, he coughs up blood and his chest is "rattling", it sounds horrible. Once he coughs, it stops, but it builds back up in a amtter of minutes. He feels really weak and tired, though he did get up and take a shower, and ate a coupel of crackers. He also feels liek he has acid indegestion, or heartburn.

I am worried, I do not know what to do :cry:



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