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man with a box


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A man walk's into a bar with a box under his arm and set's down at the bar.Well the bartender wait's on the man a couple of time's but curiousity about the box was getting the better of him.Finally the bartender can stand it no longer and insist on seeing what was in the box.

The man with the box tell's the bartender for a couple of more drink's he'll show him what is in the box,so the bartender readily agree's.The man open's the box and inside is a little man about 12" tall playing a piano.Well the bartender is just taken back by what he see's and want's to know how such a thing could be.

This time the man with the box say's to the bartender for a couple of more drink's i'll tell you the whole story in which once again the bartender agree's.The man proceed's to tell how one day while feeling the world was against him he was walking down the beach when he spotted a strange looking bottle.Well he pick's it up and take's a rag and wipe's off the bottle when suddenly a Genie pop's out.The genie tell's him he'll grant him one wish and one wish only so think it over and make it but remember it is one wish only.Well the man thougt it over and said to himself i don't need more money because when my filthy rich dad die's i'll inherit his money and the same with a home.

But he thought wait a minute i know what would i really want and need and i would gain more respect from men and women both.He then looked at the bartender and said .... mister i got so excited when i realized i would have this one thing that in my excitement i mumbled give me a 12" p_ _ _ s and the this is how i got the little man.Well the bartender looking puzzled asked well how in the hell did you get a little man with a piano..in which the man replied the Genie was hard of hearing and thought i said give me a 12" pianist.....

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