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Thank You!


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I can't begin to say how much all of you have helped me! I have lurked on this board for awhile now! God D### I hate this disease!

I am the primary care giver to our mother: 68 yrs dx 03-04 NSCLC stage iv. She is a 34 year survivor of ovarian cancer - yes she beat it when it was almost a 100% death sentence. Now she has to deal with this!

Anyway to cut to the chase whether you realize it or not your words of encouragement and prayers to each other reach out beyond the confines of this bb.

May they be returned to you in kind.

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Welcome Caledone,

I am so sorry that your Mom has to endure this disease again!! She proves to be a fighter and I am saying prayers she can still fight as hard. I am so glad you came out of your lurking and decided to join us. We all need each other. I am glad you felt comfortable enough to vent yet compassionate enough to tell us we were helping those that were lurking too. If you have been lurking long you will have seen that we are a family here and we welcome you so that we may support you and your family through this struggle and get to know you better.

God Bless you and yours,


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