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Are you there God? It's me

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Thanks for the link, Cat. I like that piece a lot. Could have written it myself, as Linda speaks for me quite accurately as regards organized religion and the fact that God listens, no matter where we are when we speak to Him.

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I do go to church, not every week, and not because I feel I "need" to in order to be heard. Rather, I go there to be jostled a little bit, to be kicked in my complacency. To see who my neighbor is.

Living in the ivory towers of academia, it is easy to get sucked into a world in which everyone is intelligent, affluent, committed to education and hard work and building stronger communities.

I know there are tons of hypocrisies at my church; after all, there would be a lot less if I weren't there.

I guess in all the talk that I have been making about what church can't do, I thought I needed to mention why I do go and why it is an essential part of my life.



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Cat -

Thanks for posting that. My Mom and I have come to an agreement to disagree on church. I don't particularly care for organized religion and it drives her bananas. She has told me her dying wish is for me and my family to begin attending church - now as you will see from my signature - she is nowhere close to dying and I told her I thought it was unfair for her to put that kind of pressure on me and THEN she asked her pastor to talk to me - I about died having to defend myself but I did and I told Mom to butt out, that this is a personal decision. This just helps me realize that I am not a sinner because I pray at home in bed at night, alone with my own thoughts.

Thanks Again!

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I'll limit my thought's on this subject as at this time for me at least would not probaly make much sense and no it is nothing any one on here that prompted this as it is a serious thing that has happend in my family.

I will how ever say this and that is if everyone was perfect saintly you decide the word there would be no need for a church.There are hypocrites every where in church at work in the medical profession you name it.Good priest bad priest i mean come on there not all saint's and there human with human fault's just like the rest of us.But like it or not GOD work's through us the human race and falter we will.

As you or at least some of you know by now that i had turned away from the church for a lot of the same reason's the writer spoke of.But after 30+ year's i returned with a whole different outlook and understanding.No more excuses or setting in judgement of my fellow man as who made me GOD to know what was truly in the heart and soul of the other person at church or for anywhere else.Now that i've actually matured alittle i now realize that all the church can do is follow the teaching's of Christ and seek to cause other's too and hopefully the sinner or hypocrite or just some one you dislike and refuse to accept them as possibly trying to be better will leave this life better because of the chuch and it's teaching's.


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You make a good point, Larry.

I stayed away from what most people think of as a church my whole adult life, pretty much. I really missed church though... the singing, the comfort of the ceremonial aspects and the calm. But the closer "inside" a church I got, the more stuff I didn't like, I saw. Always wanted to be old enough to be wise, and maybe I would change my mind...


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