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A few general questions


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Hi everyone! Just looking for all your wisdom and expierences again...

I have a few questions in general that I have been wondering about, here goes...

1. Now that my dad had his PET, CT, biopsy, surgery ect... and everything was clean and taken out... what now... what I mean is, is he downstaged?, is this NED?, where does this put us? He has no cancer in his lymph.'s. no tumor any more... where do we stand??? And why is it I never hear the term "remission"? Before my dad got cancer, I heard it all the time. People whove had cancer, and then got rid of it. Is this not a term used anymore?

2. Now that surgery is over, he will probably get a round of chemo for a while "to make sure", and then what? Will he be put on med's to try and keep his scans clean and his good condition stable? What meds do they give for that?

3. Now that we have conquered this thing so far, we are scared to death of its high reoccurance rate. What should we be looking for? I know the importance of scheduled scans and tests, but anything else?

Thank you in advance for your replies...


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What wonderful news about your father!

I don't know that they "downsize" the stage at this point, I would think they would still consider him a Stage IIIB, with NED.

It sounds like he will be having some post-surgical chemo to try to kill off any micro-cells that may be floating around. I had that done too as a "preventative measure".

Unfortunately, beyond the routine 3-month CT Scans, there aren't really any other test you can do to stay on top of things. At that point they usually only schedule other test if there are questionable symptoms. However, your father would benefit from exercise and a healthy diet. Anything he can do to keep his body in tip-top fighting shape can only benefit him! He could look into some preventative clinical trials, there are a few out there, but they seem to be few and far between.

Congatulations again for the wonderful news on your dad and I pray he can now put all treatment behind him and move forward with his life!!


FYI -- I finished all treatment a year ago, and oddly enough the word "remission" was NEVER used until my last visit in May. I had heard "clear", "everything looks good", "no evidence of disease"......but never "remission". I didn't realize how good it sounded until I heard my doctor say it!!!

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Oh, NED....it's a GOOD thing!

You may want to check into clinical trials being conducted around the country on "preventative protocols" for Lung Cancer. Not sure what is out there right now.

Best of Luck to you and your Dad. Don't forget to enjoy the time right now. It's precious no matter what the future holds.

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Ned is GREAT NEWS . I believe I was a Stage III A , now I am NED . I am over 6 yrs now but am still having CT.s, last one they saw "nodules" so I will have another CT in August to see what if anything they have done ( hopefully gone away). Things die down but anyone who has had lung cancer is at higher risk that others for getting it again so periotic checks are in order. Donna G.

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Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!! Believe me I am laughing at myself NOT YOU. I asked the same questions myself when I had my clear scans. You do not quite know what to make of it. It does not seem real. I had to ask my Onc. if this meant I was in remission!!!! Remission, NED, Clear, no matter what you call it it is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. I know that this is a time of confusion. Enjoy your life, live it to the fullest. Look at the chemo as a pentative for any rogue cells that still may be floating around. I know it is hard not to worry. I am sure your Doctors will do scans periodically to check and make sure it does not return. My prayers will be with you.

David C

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Thank you Heather, Fay, Donna, Becky and David!

Sometimes I feel so stupid posting questions that I probably should know the answer to. Thanks for the info, I feel better knowing that everyone feels so positive about my dads situation. Im glad I wasnt overly excited! I was RIGHTLY excited. I guess this is the best we could have hoped for!

Thanks again


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Jamie, do you REALLY feel STUPID?? Well that's just plan RIDICULOUS, you silly girl you! :roll::wink::P:P

Just wanted to DITTO the others comments. Give dad a hug and wish him will. I was a stage IIIB 9 years ago and I still am. I don't get to caught up in the remission word. What ever works and makes you feel good, then go with it. I did chemo, radiation after surgery and after all that, I have checkups every three months for the first 3 years, then every 6 months for the next two years, and then yearly there after.

Baby steps my dear, don't get ahead of yourself.

Love & Hugs,


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