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Prayer Request about Doctor


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Hi everyone!

I have a specific prayer request. The oncologist that Mike saw when we first got here has been a "traveling doctor" (there is a term for that but I forget what it is). CTCA has offered him a contract and a permanent job. However, his wife and family live in the Northeast portion of the US.

It's sorta up in the air whether or not he will accept the offer and return. So.....the prayer request....

We really liked the guy. He was thorough, knowledgeable and optimistic. We would really like the same doctor again when we come back! I've been praying that God's will be done...whether this guy comes back or not. But I'm afraid I've been sorta asking God to send him back! LOL Maybe he isn't to be a part of God's plan....but I really like him. See my problem?

Please pray for the "right" doctor to treat Mike when we return to CTCA on June 23rd.

Mike had a really good - and busy day today. We were making the rounds from 9:30 to 3:30 pm! He had a massage, physical therapy, speech therapy (for strengthening his tongue and swallowing), and had the pain pump filled again! He won't have to fill it again until November. Even with all the moving around and such, his pain level is a 1-2! Pretty good considering this is only the second day since surgery.

We have to be ready to leave the center at 6:00 am tomorrow morning for the airport! But we will be home by 1:00 pm tomorrow. The only other connection we could make would be getting home at 10:00 pm - much too late for Mikey!

Anxious to see the grand babies and our kids again. And our dog! She was taken to the vet this week and she had a cancerous growth and her "toe" removed. Made me sad, but I was SO grateful it's only the dog and NOT a grandchild.

Thank you for your continued prayers and please do pray about the doctor situation.

Love and hugs,

Shannon & Mike

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Shannon & Mike,

WIll definitly say some prayers for you guys and for the right doctor to treat Mike this coming Sunday in Church. I know that HE listens when I'm not in church, but I want him to hear me loud and clear so I'll save my prayer for that until Sunday! :wink:

I can't believe how far you two have come in the last several weeks!!! You exhilerate and exhaust me all at the same time with everything you have done!! You are an incredible force and strength supporting and sustaining Mike and your faith is enormous! To call you an inspiration to us mere mortals would not do you justice! :wink: Your every action exudes the incredible love you have for your husband.

Have a safe trip home.


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