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Well, heck.....

Fay A.

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Yesterday I learned that I am having radiation only to the tumors on the right side of my chest and not the left. The Radiation Onc said that to radiate the tumor on the left side was too dangerous and would probably leave me a pulmonary cripple on a ventilator.

Medical Oncologist says "I'll see you after Radiation Treatments are complete." That will be in about 2 months.

Which leaves the left side soft tissue mass (not a lymph node) all on it's own to do as it pleases.....

This does not make me happy.

I feel like folks are beginning to bail out of my SurvivorShip....time to start looking for another crew. What is it they say in job ads? Oh, yeah...

"Looking for a challenge? Want to do work that is meaningful and will make a real difference in someone's life?"

So, I guess in the interim I will be only a 7 watt nightlight when I had planned on being a 60 watter. :roll:

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Well shucks, Fay, apparently you're only lighting up a small portion of my life. I think I can fit all those syllables into the tempo (is tempo the word I am looking for here. I have cancer brain, ya know) of the song.....

Ok I know my humor is weird.

No advice, I know you will do what is best for you, Fay A.

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I thought about that, but the table is waaaay too small for a fatty like me. I'd end up on the floor. Actually getting up off the floor would be easier than getting up from the table.

I was so embarrassed yesterday. I couldn't get up from the table on my own after the radiation treatment. I had to be lifted by the technician. Not "helped" up, but lifted. Can't do the "beached whale roll and sit up" on such a narrow table. And I can't avoid those narrow tables.

You did make me laugh, Shelly. And your little body building guy has the same kinds of arms as the guy who lifted me up yesterday. Lifting folks like me may be how he got those arms! :lol:

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Fay, You have breathing problems and maybe are a bit fluffy so don't be ashamed you need help. Or else! :evil:

My (non) surgeon said that Radiofrequency ablation is used on patients who have a tumor that's accessible but the patient can not take more surgery. Maybe you can talk to them about that.

We both have problems getting a team together. Drat it. :(


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Those tables are the size of popsicle sticks, don't fret. I was a few pounds lighter when doing radiation and needed help (I've never been a surfer and something that high up and that skinny...well, even if I WASN'T going to fall off, I felt like I was)

Oh yeah, keep seeking. From your story, it's the switching teams that's keeping you going - if it works, don't stop!

Have fun with it, buy some tassled pasties to wear under your gown... :shock:

Take care,


PS PLEASE don't inspire Elaine to song again, please? :roll: heheheh

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Hey Fay,

This little light of Mine, I'm going to let it shine, This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, all the time. Don't you try to poof it out, I'm going to let it shine. Etc.................

So, off to the Doctor store you go for a NEW CREW!! You go girlfriend!

Cat, no offense my dear, but I don't know if I would want to believe anything your doctor's have said! :P:P:P:P (just kidding and joking)!

Love & Hugs,


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I thought I would take a blue magic marker and make my own little crosses all over myself (kind of like when my eldest son was 3 years old and he 'decorated' all of his chicken pox by making them into flowers.)

Pasties won't work. Have to have breasts, and silicone reconstructions don't count. Of course we could make it into a game, something like pin the tail on the donkey. You know where the tail is supposed to go, but it ends up all over the place. Okay...I'll stop now. We all have our means of coping. This is mine. If I can find a way to laugh about it I won't cry, and when given a choice between the two I am going to laugh.

So far I still have the choice. The tears for myself will come later. I have them for others on a daily basis.

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COLORED pasties - I already have a name for the game, "TWISTED TWISTER"!! :lol:

There's an office product commercial here that shows some guy trying to get the day off - he colors his entire face with yellow highlighter and the boss sends him home. His buddy took his suggestion, but it didn't work for him - he chose the pink highlighter...

SO, if getting blue crosses all over helps you cope, think about what you look like up there on that skinny little table, white body that hasn't seen sun in a while (IF you are following doctor's orders) and blue crosses all over it... Beware of Green Peace mistaking you for some rare form of sea life washed ashore...(I have those worries when I near a pool, a team of six young people shoving me "back" into the water and saving my sorry whale butt...)

...I'm here for you. I'll try to make you smile, but I'm not doing a lot of it myself right now. I've been banned from driving until my head is "cleared up" - I've also been banned from work. I'm home for at least ten days - gotta see my counselor, my doctor and "Medical" at work again before I can go to work...and I can't drive within the plant... God knows, if I'm not working, there's nothing funny to remark on... :roll:

Hang on, lots o' ends o' ropes around here lately. I'm getting good at tying knots...or is that "nots"? Not going to work, not thinking, not driving...



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what would happen if you were to turn real quick when they are zapping the right side so the left side gets a shot.

ROFL!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Fay, night lights don't come in 60 watts anyway - that would be a day light. 7 to 15 and you're in business, I think.

Sending prayers your way.



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I third the Vinny idea. Jim once you and Vinny are done in California for Fay, head right on down to Florida and pay Cat's Dr.'s a visit as well.

Fay, I'm sorry they are trying to discourage you, but from what I've read, you've never taken no for an answer to this point and I'm sure you won't this time. They're saying no to the wrong woman :)

Thanks for the pasties visual, Becky :lol:

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How about Vinny with pasties!!!!

Snowflake - I'll leave the visuals to you........

Seriously though Fay - sorry your doctors are being, for lack of a better word, dorks. I DO like the turning real fast idea!

You've been thru a lot - don't take their crap now!

Hugs and prayers,


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Fay...Like someone else mentioned...it's true your left side could end up being a noncancerous mass. Have you ever had anything crop up that wasn't positive for malignancy?? I can't imagine your docs closing the door on treatment...even for a short time. Are they still open to discussion on the subject?? What about the radiologist?? Doesn't he have the final word??....or did I just see that on television?? I wish I knew more and could help you through this. If worrying about you and hoping and praying for you can work.......I've got it covered.

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I am sorry to read your latest post.

I don't know your position on alternative/complementary therapies, but I am wondering if this is a field that you have looked at very much?

My mum is doing lots of adjunctive therapies, and is currently doing pretty well (of course, we don't know what is working and what isn't!!!). She is taking lots of supplements - selenium, melatonin, caesium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, and an array of different vitamins. Inositol. Also having Rife therapy. If you have an opportunity to do some web research, the website www.lef.org presents a pretty balanced viewpoint. I know some people think alt/comp therapy is for whackos, but there really is alot of reputable research being done on some of these things which is showing promising results, particularly melatonin and inositol and IP6..

If you have an open-minded doctor on your side, it might be worth talking to him about some of these things (after you have collected some research material to show him - he won't have a clue about most of it!!).

Just trying to help.

All the best


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