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Taking a hall pass. Be back later.


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It's time to take a break. To tell you the truth I'm more than a little ticked about some of the stuff that's been going on here lately. It seems there are a few folks (and, thankfully, only a few) that have forgotten what the REAL issues are for those of us who have to deal with this disease on a daily basis.

I'll answer PM's, e-mails and phone calls.


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I agree with ginny. I need all the information I can get and will be glad to share any I have. We all need loving support and that is the way I plan on being a member of this board. I care about each and every one of you but now is NOT the time to bicker. Dean, I will sure miss you and your wonderful posts. Please keep in touch.

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Dear Dean,

I'm so very sorry you feel you need to leave for a little while, yet, I do understand. Please know that I have requested the tread of posts that are upsetting so many of our wonderful members, to PLEASE be taken behind the scene. I can only hope that does the trick.

My next step it to ask Katie and Rick to delete that thread. I know it's upsetting people, because I am getting PM's from members that are upset, not to mention the few on the board.

God Bless you Dean.



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