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I pray and hope everybody comes back and offers there 2 cents. That's what makes the world go round. Heck if we all thought a like we would bore ourselves to death. May not always agree but we sould respect ones comments. This is the best site with the best people. Let's all go forward together please.

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I agree. I know that we are not ALL going to agree on every subject, that's what makes us all so special..........we are all different. I do have to say that if I was a brand new member and I read through this past week's posts, I probably would have left this site and never posted. Yes, it would have been my loss as this site has been of great help to me trying to cope as an only child and only caregiver to a lung cancer patient. But, the last thing that a lung cancer patient or cargegiver needs is a lot of "hull a baloo" in their lives. We all have plenty of that. I hope that we can get back on track.............I have come to love you all!

Love, hugs and prayers to ALL of you!!!


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There is absolutly no reason for you to stay out of the spirituality forum. There is nothing wrong with stating your beliefs and I do hope you will continue to do so. Different beliefs are fine it's the arguments and hurtful things that have been done that are not. Please, please go to any forum you want to. I have never heard you say a hurtful thing to anyone.

God Bless You Cat,


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I for one have no idea what is going on :? . I have been gone for a couple of days and seems like a lot has happened. I agree with Peggy Cat, I enjoy your postings on spirituality so please dont stop posting..Hopefully what ever has happened here has mended itself and everyone is okay..

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