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Hospital and Back..


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Hi Friends..

You would have known (re hospital) if my sweet husband *Gilles) had managed to get my e-mail thru to you all. Have checked everywhere but can't find it.

Quick update. Went into hospital for two reasons. First was to try and get rid of pain (long-enduring) and to talk yet again about conflicting test results i.e. my doctor sees cancer at same spot as last time and the neurosurgeon's who sees no cancer. Prior to going in, new Scans and MRIs were taken and NOW my neurosurgeon sees it as cancer.

The visit was successful in that regard and so surgury is back on. Pain still there.. We are really struggling in that dept but am trying new

cocktail and was sent home with morphine pump (bit of a pain :( )

So surgery will take place in about two week's time followed by perhaps radiation and definitely chemo. There has been very very little growth in other spots but enough that he wants to do chemo. Much milder this time, so that is good news.

So there is is. Will update after surgery.

Very nice to be back....even tho nobody knew I was gone. Bummer :-) Was hoping to get home and get good wishes for the trip to the hospital.

Ta Ta for Now.

Love, Francine

God Bless us All

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First, I just love it when I see your picture. You are very attractive and have the nicest smile. I sure am glad your doctors agree. It must have been upsetting to have them not agree the first time. I'm sorry you have to have surgery, but from what most everyone here says that has had surgery, it is do-able.

Sending prayers and good wishes your way.



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Francine, I am sorry I didn't know you had to go to the hospital but glad the docs finally agree on something to be done. I will keep you on my prayer list and hope that the morphine does the trick until they can get that thing out of there and stop it that way. Best of luck to you in two weeks.


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I am glad you were able to get some help with the pain and a plan put in place to take care of the rest. Your hubby really needs to start using this site because we all depend on him when you can't be here to let us know what is going on.

Best of luck.


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Gotta get that husband of yours to let us know when you can't post. You know we all get scared when our family isn't heard from for awhile and they don't have a hall pass.

Sorry to hear you need a new treatment plan but glad to hear one is in place.

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