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Hospice called July 10


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Robert's situation has taken a turn. We called in hospice today and they suggested we admit him to an inpatient treatment facility - it's a Hospice facility. A friend had her mother there a few years ago and said it was nice so we agreed. They took him by ambulance across town. The facility is wonderful and the nurses actually met us at the door. I was able to come home tonight to sleep with my son and be with him. Robert's wonderful sister is staying with him tonight. He is unable to keep his oxygen level above 90 without a lot of oxygen. He can't really stand or walk now, limited but not much to speak of. His legs are extemely swollen as well as his abdomen. It just really doesn't look good.

Please focus your prayers on a peaceful period for Robert and for my son Alex. He is only 8 and doesn't deserve losing his dad.

Thanks for your prayers.

I will update you more later.

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I'm so very sorry to hear the news of a turn for the worse, but am keeping you, your Robert, Alex and all your family in my prayers. Hospice workers and volunteers are true angels - they have such a special gift of compassion. I will pray for peace for you all.

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My prayers for strength and understanding are being said for you and Alex. Prayers for comfort and acceptance for Robert. I am so sad reading your post. My Brother died a month ago today at 46 yrs old but he had never had children. My heart breaks for all of you.

God Bless you all,


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Dear Joni,

Sweetie, I am going through the same thing right now. Earl is also under hospice care, but fortunately we are able to keep him home. I can't imagine how difficult this must be with Robert so, so young and having to go through this with a young child.

I am praying for both of us, that we remain strong and that our sweethearts are comfortable but more so peaceful.

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:cry: Oh, Joni - I am so very sorry. It seems there's been an awful lot of this lately. I'm sure it broke your heart to have to go to hospice, and I am so sorry for this turn. How is your little Alex doing? Does he understand all of this? May God send His comfort and love to you and Alex at this time, and I ask that He wrap Robert in his loving arms and give him peace.



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OH NO Joni...This news is devastating. I am sorry that Robert has taken a turn for the worse. I will be saying prayers for you and Robert and Alex.

I'm glad that you found a place that you are comfortable with and that you have help from Robert's sister.

Please know that I am here for you if you need anything.


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