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Being changed to Carbo from Cis due to sever ototoxitity


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Being changed to Carbo because I did suffer from a severe loss of hearing from my first dose of Cis. I was so worried about everything else (allergic reactions) , I never thought about the ears. They said first time out was rare, but it happens. I have seen and ENT and had formal hearing tests. I have significant loss both ears. They do not expect it to return, but said the buzzing (titinitus) should get better.

Has anyone been changed to Carbo? Did Carbo cause any ear stuff for anyone? Is Carbo infused the same as Cis w/ all the fluids and diuretics?



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Jen, I am so sorry you have had this kind of a side effect. I was on Carbo and VP=16 last yea and the only side effects I had was Fatigue which got progressively worse and loss of hair. I am starting Cisplatin and CPT-11 tomorrow and am scared of te possible hearing loss associated with this drug but would rather be alive than have perfect hearing so will go through with it. I have been wondering how you have been doing. This explains why you have not been on the board much. Let us know how you are doing, you have many people here who care about you. You are in my prayers.

David C

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Hello Jen,

I had serious ear problems (almost total loss of hearing in one ear and a little less in other).

My doctor attributed it to Cisplatin. I has 3 sessions of combination Cisplatin//Taxitere. Very agressive and it did the trick i.e. got rid of most of my cancer (or as they say, what you can see) but it did have that side effect. It actually became a problem with communication with my husband, in my daily life etc. Finally managed to see a doctor who simply put tubes in and i'm fine now.

Just a thought!


God Bless us All

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I started out on carbo and vp16 and have not had any ear issues at all. My doc says the carbo is just as effective as the cis just less toxic. My next cycle starts next Tuesday - when do you go again? I am praying that the side effects will be less for you. Take care.



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My Dad (Chick) was on carbo/V16 for four series. His "second opinion" oncologist recommended cistoplatin, because it was more aggressive. My father had carbo instead, and didn't have any ear problems -just fatigue and constipation. He is now in complete remission, so it was a successful treatment.


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