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Dr. calling in perscription to insur. can MAJORLY cut costs!


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Hey everyone, just wanted to inform you guys. My dad is on Iressa, which as many of you know has recently been FDA approved, which means it is no longer free. All well and good, except that the stuff was going to cost my parents $1200.00 to go to a druggest with a perscription for a THREE MONTH SUPPLY!!! My parents freaked, but the oncologists office advised them to phone their insurance co's perscription network. They found out that if the Dr. phones in the perscription DIRECTLY to the insurance companies perscription drug program it will only cost them $35.00 for a three month supply. AND it gets mailed directly to them at home, which is kinda convenient.

Talk about MAJOR SAVINGS!!! Just wanted to let you all know about it, just in case you are ever in a similar situation, you can see if your insurance carrier has any similar programs.

Take care, and let me know if anyone finds that their insurance carrier has a similar program, just curious. I mean, we felt like the astronomical cost of the medication pretty much meant that only the wealthy few would be able to live! Deb

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