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Treatments for Bone Mets and Drug questions...


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Wayne is having lots of hip pain and we are thinking it is a bone met but don't see the oncologist until Tuesday. His chiropractor mentioned that there is a treatment for bone mets which is given by IV. Has anyone heard of this?

Also, he is taking Depakote. Does anyone have any experience, side effects, etc. with this brain seizure medication? Wayne has shown to be very sensitive to prescription drugs so we are worried about anything he has to take.

We are going to mention Celebrex at his appointment. Does this drug help at all with hip pain? or with the cancer itself? what about side effects.

Sorry about so many questions but everyone here seems so helpful.


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My husbands Dr said that Celebrex does help the bones, & inflammation. I have also read on line that they are finding it helps fight the cancer. Our pharmacist tells me that it contains some sulfa, so beware in case of an allergy. What about some radiation for the bone mets? It does help a lot. Take care, hope this has helped some.


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I get a monthly infusion of Zometa...it strengthens bone to hopefully keep the mets from fracturing the bone. For me, it is a 15 minute infusion with the usual flush/pre-med/post flush. I'm not aware of any side effects, but then I was taking it along with chemo up until recently. I used to have a lot of shoulder, neck and back pain, but since I have been on Celebrex (400mg a day), I have no complaints with joint/bone pain.

I hope the pain issue is resolved soon for Wayne...it is not a good thing.


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