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More questions on Iressa rash


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This weekend my husband really broke out with the "Iressa rash". Although he says it looks worse than it feels he is wondering if this will not be as noticeable after a period of time (he is very red)? He is broken out on head, face, neck and down to about mid-chest area. I'm also wondering if after pimples dry up will he be left with dry skin or will the pimples just keep coming? I'm telling you folks this rash is nothing compared to the chemo treatments he has taken. He is really not complaining (bless his heart) but more or less just curious. I would like to thank everyone in advance for the time and effort you spend answering our questions.

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My Iressa rash never got out of hand...it appeared on my scalp, chest, side of my face around 3 weeks into the treatment. My doctor, who has been involved with Iressa from the very beginning, said that usually that is when it appears and then it can subside, which mine did. He did say that about 10% of people get a severe rash and I'm hoping that won't be the case for you guys. And, of course, I hope it works wonders!


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