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has anyone heard of this?


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One of my friends e-mailed me this today. Has anybody heard anything about it? Thought y'all might be interested.

U of Pittsburgh researchers have identified a genetic marker, the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR), found on the surface of the cells lining the lungs. When activated, it triggers the type of cells seen in lung cancer. This marker occurs in duplicate form on the X chromosome. Among non-smoking women in the study, 55% expressed GRPR. Male non-smokers didn't express it at all. Researchers are not sure what triggers GRPR among non-smokers, but lung cancer in non-smokers occurs three times more in women than in men.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Curtis, I can't recall the details but do remember reading a few months ago, that some women have a certain gene that makes them 3 times more likely than the normal population to develop lung cancer. I know it's scary. I immediately thought of my daughter even though she doesn't smoke.

My mom died of SCLC at the age of 82 after smoking for about 50 years, quit for five. At least I think she died of SC. She lived in another state near most of my sisters and brothers. She was admitted to hospital and before they got the biopsy back, within one week, she was gone. Even though she was under constant doctor care for lupus, they had never done an x-ray and didn't know she had LC. I still don't understand how this could happen. It's my understanding that the doctors dx'd. from the x-ray. Her symptoms were back pain and heart racing - just like me.


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thanks for sharing this, Curtis. Many of us who have Adenocarcinomas and Bronchioloalveolar Carcinomas also have a history of gastric problems (gastric bleeding, IBD/IBS, Crohn's Disease). In my family it's a given that if you have IBD/IBS you will also develop Lung Cancer, smoker or not, male or female. Of course, there is also male breast cancer in my family tree.

Excessive Gastrin production can lead to ulcers, and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

Would you please send me the url to the article on this? Thanks

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a bit more current info on the subject:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract

This is an important topic and I hope you will ask to have it moved over to General II.

There is more info on paraneoplastic syndromes in NSCLC related to gastric peptides, but I have to leave now for radiation treatment. Do a search on Bombesin and paraneoplastic syndromes in Adenocancers, Large Cell Neuroendocrine cancers.

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