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Guest NowakowDA

Well! I'm standing in the kitchen looking at my hair lying in the garbage can. How I got to this point has to do with a promise I made my mother. Several weeks ago, when she found out she would having WBR and she would loose her hair, I made her a promise. Ya wanna guess what ole big mouth said. That's right! I told her that when her hair started falling out, I'd shave my head. Well! Guess what happened today! As we were comming home Mom started to run her fingers through her hair. The rest, as they say is history and so is my hair.

I look like Curly from the three stooges, except not as handsome. I look like one third of a pawn shop sign. A bowling ball without the holes. Now, I look ridiculous in my Napoleon uniform. The hat doesn't fit anymore. Oh well! Here goes. Slowly I turn. Step by step................... Hey Moe! Whatsa matta kid? I'm tryn ta think but nutins happin. Woo Woo Woo, Woo Woo, Woo Woo Woo Woo.


enchanted, enthralled, embalmed

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You always make me laugh.

You know God only made a few perfect heads. The rest he covered up with hair! Both you and your mom will be able to use that line.

The Napoleon hat is so big nobody will know whether you have hair or not. Just keep the hat on.


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I paused to try to guess what your post could possibly be - didn't guess. YES we need a picture of you now. And I also second that other emotion - you are such a good and loving son. Bless you.

I offered to shave my head when hubby lost his hair but he really really didn't want me to do that. Grin. I did try to make up for it - when he couldn't eat, I tried to eat enough for both of us ... bad move that was.


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I did the same thing when Becky went in for the second set of chemo and we thought she would lose her hair after it growing back. But then she didn't lose it the second time. So I was bald and she had a full set of curly hair. And I too looked like a clown with the head shaved. But it is all back with a vengeance.


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