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question re pain after surgery

Guest mgee

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Sorry I haven't written in a few weeks. A week after my mom's surgery, she was readmitted. Her left lung had collapse due to a puncture...she had to stay in the hospital for 2 more weeks. She just came home on Friday.

My mom had her surgery 4 weeks ago and she said that the surgery area stills hurts...more specifically, it feels really tight. Is this normal? What type of exercise could/should she do to help with this. Also, during her time in the hospital, she wasn't able to really eat so she has lost a lot of weight. Also, she's been complaining that her stomach has been more easily upset when she is able to eat a little. The only thing that seems to be okay is ensure.

Is what she's going thru normal? I told her about this forum and she's the one that asked me to write this post for some advice. My mom doesn't know English or else I'm sure she will want to post to the site to let you know how much she appreciates everyone's help/advice/support thus far. I don't response to other's post much b/c I'm still trying to get a handle on the situation, but I still go at least once a day to read everyone's post. You guys have made this terrible journey more bearable...for me and my mom.

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They told me to "walk the wall" with my arm. I would stand in a doorway and walk my fingers up the door frame on each side. Up as high as I could get them...then do it again. It should help with the tightness. Ask her to use her inspirator...its that little thing she would suck on in the hospital ...it will help her to breathe deeply and help keep scaring from the surgery site. Thanks for the post and I would like to hear how your mom is doing from time to time.


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Mgee, I couldn't "turn" a few weeks after surgery. It turned out my skin had stuck to my muscle and was healing that way. I had to go to a physical therapist and have the scar tissue broken up , then exercises. Range of motion as above Nushca said of the affected shoulder and turning at the waist is real important. The pain is slow leaving. Keep us posted. Donna G

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