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Calling for your prayers


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Sorry this wasn't written sooner, but I just found out early this morning that Daddy had his 3 month blood work done yesterday and has an appt with the Onc today at 9:45. I am sure they will to CT's and MRI's later this week, but I am asking for prayers as Daddy has not been doing as well as he use to and I am very concerned about this visit. The reason I only found out about it today is because Mom and Dad were trying to hide it from me. I just started a new job this week and they knew I couldn't be there with them!! Please guys I am again asking for your spiritual support. Love, Sharon

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I know just how it is, trying to physically and emotionally be there for dr. appts., to just help out and to make memories. You have my prayers. All of the good energy from these friends who understand all is just the help you need now. Blessings to you and especially to your Dad.

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