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God's healing


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Last Saturday, I went to church with my hubby and mom for church relocation opening ceremony. This is the first time she came to Church and I am very thankful for this because this is a big jump for mom.

Mom never comes to Church as she is against the christianity very much previously. After my dad believed in Jesus, my dad had a strong wish to hope my mom and brother will be the believers. But you know, no one can force others to have religion. But my mom obviously is less against christianity bcoz of dad.

During the ceremony, I cried a lot without control. Initially, I was so saddened because Dad does not has a chance being in the ceremony. He should be there becoz he is an offical member of this church bcoz he was baptised by this Church's pastor and we were baptised in other churches. I cried for his absence. But while I was singing hymns, praising God, I cried without stop that I felt my heart was healing by God. While I sang, some lyrics said, how good it is being with God; how we are hoping to be with God, and I told myself this is everyone's wish of all christians. NOW, my dad is with Jesus that this is truly amazing and wonderful.

2 months after my dad's passing, I seldom cries as I am terribly busy and exhausted with my new job. I have no time to think of him that I just thought I am getting better and not being upset ever. But, it proves that I am wrong.

Thanks for listening.

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I am so happy to read that your mom went to church with you. It takes time for your heart to heal for the loss of your beloved father. There will always be times when a memory will bring a tear to your eye in rememberance of your father. I too have this happen and it has been almost six years that I lost my father. Many prayers for you and your family...

God Bless, Prayers and hugs for you,


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Berisa, that's beautiful. attending church is so healing some times. I think crying is OK, it is a way of releasing emotions to heal. I'm glad your Mom went with you, too, and I hope she felt some of what you did.

You're going to be OK, this sounds so normal and yes beautiful.

take care and God Bless my dear friend,

Karen C.

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I am happy for your mom, maybe she will feel closer to God and her husband in church. I know I sometime cry in church. I usually sit in the front row and I know Father must think I am a nut. Wiping tears away sometimes during the songs and sometimes during the prayers.

I know it will take a very long time to heal for I have been through this so many times with parents and brother, sister and dear friends. this is the hardest one though. To loose a partner one has had for 46 years is not easy as your mom can tell you. I know she gets lonely as I do but life does go on and we must flow with it.

Am so glad you are coming along better most of the time but hope your new job is not to rough right now....

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Dear Berisa,

I am glad that your Mom may get to know the peace your Dad had through his belief in Christianity.

I think of you a lot, I know you are a very Dear person and I hope every new day brings you more comfort for your loss.


PS Don't work tooooo hard!!

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