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Charlie's Eating!!! Updated - FALSE ALARM; 2nd UPDATE


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He just had his first solid food! :D We are hopeful he will be leaving the hospital sometime today. Hallelujah! Thanks for all your support, prayers, advice, etc. I'm now an "expert" on colon nerve damage. Take care. I will be continuing to pray for everyone and will try to catchup with the recent posts.

Update: Dr. came in and said his colon is still dilated and he wants a surgeon to look at the films. No more solid food until after she comes late afternoon/evening. Very disappointing. They are going to take another x-ray this morning. HOPING & PRAYING THE COLON IS NORMAL SIZE ON THIS X-RAY.

UPDATE: X-ray showed colon is very close to normal. Charlie is going home today after all. PRAISE THE LORD! I can't handle anymore ups and downs today.


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Ooooooooooh, deep breath, sigh (relief). Finally, we are home. :) He seems to be back to normal and is ready to work tomorrow (knowing him like I do) and continue his chemo. on Friday. They are going to reduce the Navelbine and put Gemzar with it so this "colon paralysis" doesn't happen again. Thanks for all the encouragement! I don't know what I would do without this site for support!

I apologize for how messed up this whole posting was with the doctors changing back and forth this morning. Take care and God Bless!

P. S. Charlie can now be the "butt" of many jokes. Ha! Ha! :lol::lol:

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I am so glad to hear Charie is home. Why should you feel bad because the DR's keep changing things?? That's common I have come to know. I hope he knows enough to not work to hard as he needs his strength for his battle. It may be the way escapes it all. Prayers for Charlie and all of you,

God Bless You All,


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