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Daily Neupogen shots. Any reaction to them? Any infections?


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Hi Jen,

I gave myself daily neupogen shots. No effects except that it helped my blood counts. The shots are easy to do & when you give them to yourself you don't have to go to the Doc's every time. Your chemo nurse can show you how. Hope your doing well. Let me know. Rachel

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I gave my husband these injections daily. He had no bad reactions and no infections. If you feel comfortable taking them, I would recommend them by all menas! They really helped Dennis.

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Did the doctor ever end up giving you Neulasta? I am curious why the daily shots? Is this drug more effective or a better choice than Neulasta? My mom only had the Neulasta. Her doctor actually put her on Cipro (anitbotic) after her first round of chemo because her white count was so low to prevent any infections. She never had a problem after that. I'm sure your counts will bounce back up with a little help from modern medicine...and you will continue on your road to healing!!!

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When I was on Carbo/Taxol and then Carbo/Taxotere, my counts went down and I gave myself daily Neupogen injectons...one of those things I never thought I could do, but DID. I never had a problem with infection, but I wasn't out and about all that much either. I felt aches in my joints while on Neupogen, but getting my counts back up was worth it. Good luck with all of this.


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