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Just read your post to Don about your shoulder surgery. I sure hope it wasn't too serious and you are on the mend soon. Haven't heard an update from you on YOU lately, so I wanted to post this to let you know I am thinking about you and wishing you nothing but the best.

Hope you're ok.

lots of love,

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Thanks for inquiring, guys!

I didn't want to worry anyone, so I kept a low profile about the shoulder surgery, but then the absences are sometimes worrisome, hmmm?

When I broke my shoulder 2/22/04 while celebrating the 2-year anniversary of my lobectomy 8) , the orthopedic surgeon said we needed to let the bone heal, then do PT and see how things improved, as it is very unusual to break a bone AND do other damage such as rotator cuff. I was very diligent about following her instructions and exercising and doing PT and made good progress "up-to-a-point". She then had an MRI taken, which showed "issues" (I won't go into lurid details), but no obvious rotator cuff damage. We decided on surgery NOW, rather than later, and the plan was to make 3 tiny incisions and fix it all up (arthroscopic surgery). I came out of surgery with 3 small incisions plus about a 4-inch slice because significant rotator cuff and bicep problems were found when she got in there. I came home the same day with a Cryo-Cuff, sling, and plenty of Oxycodone (which I only needed for about 3 days, thank goodness; it is very constipating for me :oops:)

A couple of days later Bruce and I drove to Lake Chelan and spent the week. The fireworks over the lake were superlative, and it was a lovely place in which to rest and recuperate. Bruce has been THE BEST, as usual, and I think I am healing great.

We return to the Tri-Cities tomorrow for the first follow-up visit, so I will know more then. While there, we will take my sister and her companion out to lunch for her 71st birthday, then we have a 4-day mountain sojourn in our trailer to nearby Bumping Lake planned with good friends.

This has been a long post, but it is hard to type one-handed :!: I now have great empathy and admiration for Frank Lamb :wink:8)

I've been trying to read and catch up since being gone. It seems there has been a bit of controversy, which I've managed to miss and is perfectly fine with me (what's new???? 8):lol:), and, of course, I am soooo saddened by the negative news reported by some of our wonderful "family" members. My next onc appointment is July 26th. Prayers always appreciated.

You are all in my heart and prayers even though I will not be posting as often for a while.

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