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A wonderful way to look at things


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If you can't feed a billion people,

then feed just one.

If you can't hire twenty million unemployed,

then hire just one.

If you can't support an army,

then pray for one soldier.

If you can't cure disease,

then visit one person in the hospital.

One smile provides healing.

If you can't save the world,

then improve your community;

and if you can't improve your community,

then help your next-door neighbor.

We can't save the world,

but we can save those within hugging distance.

Don't give up.

Don't become overwhelmed.

We are responsible only for the people in our breathing space.

Charity begins with the next person you see.

Charity begins with just you and just me.

If everyone on earth felt this way, what kind of planet would it be?

~A MountainWings Original by A Lisa Lindsey, Cincinnati, OH~

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