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Not Good Update


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OK, my ENT who is also my surgeon says from what he can see there is no other involment other than the parotid lymph nodes. There are 2 clusters; 3 in the lower gland and 2 in the middle. His plan of attack is to take them out and biopsy while I'm still under and then take the parotid gland out if there are not clear margins. After that, radiation for the whole right side of face and neck area. I will get radiation for sure. This may cause dental problems and eating problems. Surgery will not be to extensive and only take 1.5 to 3 hours. I can deal with the surgery ok, its the radiation that concerns me. With this type of cancer, they will not use chemo although I see my oncologist today to discuss this matter further and will see the radiation Dr on friday. They will schedule the surgery within the next week or so. My ENT is not that concerned with this and feels that this is easily treated and should have good success in getting it all. He said his main concern is with the left side supraclavilar nodes that came back positive for SCC. So far that side and the rest of my body according to the latest pet/ct scan is still clear. So thats good news. This present situation is a recurrance of the right head and neck SCC of the tonsil I had in 2002 must likely. Although this is not great news, so far the suspected lung cancer has not shown up since my treatment for the left side. Will keep you updated.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Bruce, You've always been very kind to me. I pray that your kindness will be returned by your health improving.

Okay, now this sounds unkind but we all know it's not: Go kick cancer's butt right up the biggest mountain and off until the galaxies.



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From what I have read You are a fighter and do not give up. Put on your armour and go get that surgery and fight your way back!! I know you can do it!! God will surely be with you and so will all our prayers here that you get to write a post in the GOOD NEWS forum soon!!!

God Bless You Bruce,


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Well, Bruce....time to lace up those steel-toes and get to kickin'!

I'm not sure where you are on the weight gain/loss merry-go-round, but if you were looking to lose some, the jaw issue may be like those folks that have theirs wired shut... ....and if you are trying to gain, a steady diet of milk shakes and smoothies should more than make up for that.

Good luck, hope this is the silver bullet!


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