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John? Anyone? Proliferation and activation


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" Proliferation and activation of the small blood vessels at the distal parts of the extremities "

Can someone translate this for me as to what the symptom or signs of this would be.

If I tell you the story of my trip to the ER last night, it might bias the replies LOL, so I will wait and see if anyone has a clue.



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Would it cause non pitting edema/swelling? I went to ER last night cos my legs, ankles and feet are/ were huge, stiff and hard! I told them of the HPOA and cancer, but they knew no connection.

Basically they sent me home, saying they doubt it is blood clot or anything life threatening since it is both legs, feet, ankles.

They have been kind of this way for awhle, but not like this. I also had them poke around my liver to look for ascites, but they are like 90 per cent sure it's not that., which means it probably is.


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HOA and "lung cancer" are connected. So I really think they are wrong about that.

This one article says


Edema is a sign of an underlying problem, rather than a disease unto itself. A diagnostic explanation should be sought. Patient history and presenting symptoms, along with laboratory blood studies, if indicated, assist the health professional in determining the cause of the edema.

It seems they would check the PTT for clotting and maybe albumin.

I guess HOA could cause edema. The article in the link says HOA can cause enlargement of the extremities and painful swollen joints. . It seems edema can be caused by the heart, kidney, liver, clotting (a lot of things)

It also says periostitis is more in the arms, versus legs/feet.


What scans did they do in April 2004? Just the lungs or did they do the abdomen also?

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Can't tell you what that means...but swelling in both legs is a rare symptom for blot clots. My friend, 46, did have swelling in both legs and a sore chest and had clots in both legs. It is rare, but a simple ultasound can rule things out. I am not trying to alarm you but my buddy had to beg for a test and he had 4 clots, 2 in his legs and 2 in his lung. I'm just passing along one person's experience. If it makes you feel better insist on an ultrasound on you legs. Any signs of infection?? I'm sure the ER docs know what they are doing, but listen to your gut, it is often more accurate than medical science would admit!! Think of you....

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They did bloodwork, but no ultrasound. There is no pain or redness involved. Just huge hard feet ankles and calves. Stiffnes yes. I walked about two miles this morning and elevated my feet and the stiffness is much better. I had sat around for a couple days. The thing about HOA and why I didn't get DXed sooner with it is that the symptoms of it come and go. For me anyway. It's weird. So I don't really know if the walking and elevation helped or if it's just another strange symptom that is going to come and go. Hopefully more go than come.

I am also wondering, John if the parathesias I have had in my legs for over a year could be causing this.

By the way, they did know of the connectin between HOa and lung cancer, just not the connection between my huge legs and HOA. Well one of the words IS HYPERTROPHIC. I feel like I am dealing with amatuers sometimes. Don't they get how scared a person is? I am alone most of the time. If it is blood clots or ascites, I would like to know.....


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When I read my mom's blood work up it was pretty easy to figure out. It gave all the measurements and the normal levels. Anything that was not normal was marked. You could ask for the bloodtest report and that would

tell you at least what the levels of the tests were.

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Dear Elaine,

I am also praying for you and hoping that this is not something serious. Is this something brand new or did you have swelling before on and off? Do you sit a lot for long periods of time? I think this can all cause swelling. A DR I am not but I do pray for you.

God Bless You,


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