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New Jersey -- Where is Lung Cancer Awareness Month?


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Press Release:

May 20, 2004

Contact: Jennifer Boenig

(609) 292-5199

Re: SJR-32

Senator Robert Singer (R-30)

(732) 901-0702

Senate Approves Singer Resolution To Annually Designate November As "Lung Cancer Awareness Month"

May 20, 2004

The full Senate today approved a resolution that would formally designate November as "Lung Cancer Awareness Month."

Sponsored by Senator Robert Singer, the resolution would annually promote greater public awareness of lung cancer during the month of November.

"Lung cancer is a deadly disease that often quickly and silently invades the body before a person even realizes that he or she is sick. Most people are aware that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, yet, they're unaware that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women," said Singer, R-30. "If we want to change these statistics, we must start by making people more aware of this disease and the preventative measures they can take to reduce their chances of developing lung cancer."

The joint resolution, SJR-32, states that with greater public awareness and enhanced education efforts, the state can increase the number of residents who are diagnosed in the early stages. Long-term survival rates are as high as 85 percent if the disease is found in the early stages.

Senator Singer added that New Jersey should support the national efforts of the Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support and Education to bring greater awareness about this disease.

"Even though lung cancer claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year, there are no screening standards for lung cancer. Medical research on this deadly disease also falls short of that for other diseases. By designating November ‘Lung Cancer Awareness Month,' we will hopefully encourage the public to take a greater interest in learning more about this disease," noted Singer.

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Since I am currently in the process of planning my LC benefit walk in New Jersey, I was interested in seeing if NJ had declared November to be LC Awareness Month and was pretty surprised to see that it had not been passed yet!

I found that it has passed the Senate, but it awating review at the Assembly Majority Office and will most likely not be heard until Sept/Oct. I found out the person to contact and have sent him an e-mail, basically telling him my story, what I would like to accomplish with this benefit walk and how much of an honor it would be to be able to tell everyone involved in the walk that our State does care about this issue and have officially declared Nov. LC Awareness Month.

Here's to hoping that one voice CAN make a difference! :wink:

Here is a copy of my letter:

Dear Mr. Salaam:

Re: SJR32 Designates November annually as "Lung Cancer Awareness Month."

Health and Human Services

I understand that you are the person to contact regarding the above-referenced proposed legislation.

I urge the State of New Jersey to lead the way in helping its citizens become aware of the risks for lung cancer and available resources, by designating November as a month to become informed. With better education, more diagnoses can be found in early stage, when the chance of long-term survival is as high as 85%.

Many states, including Maine, Illinois, Florida, Washington, Texas, Kentucky and Arizona have declared November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Lung cancer patients and their families in New Jersey also deserve to have November designated as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Please take action now, on behalf of the thousands of families affected by this horrible cancer.

This cause is very close to my heart, as I myself was diagnosed with advanced stage Lung Cancer in January of 2003 at the age of 33. As a life long non-smoker, I believed (as do most people) that I was not at risk for lung cancer, so the diagnosed came as more than a shock. I have since learned that 174,000 individuals are diagnosed with Lung Cancer each year -- and 26,000 of them are non-smokers. I also learned that the statistics are dismal. I chose to ignore them and spent 6 months in treatment at the University of Pennsylvania, enduring surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I feel blessed to have been surrounded by top-notch doctors as well as supportive family, friends and co-workers. I have thankfully spent the last year in remission and believe that it is now my obligation to step into the role of lung cancer advocate -- increasing awareness and funding for this disease that kills more men and women annually than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined; yet has less funding and virtually NO activism/awareness programs.

In light of this fact, I am organizing the First Annual South Jersey Walk for Lung Cancer to take place on Saturday, November 6, 2004, to kick off National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds from this walk will go to The LUNGevity Foundation. LUNGevity is the only organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to lung cancer research. All donations received by LUNGevity go directly to funding innovative research designed to detect, treat and cure lung cancer, our nation's leading cancer killer.

During this important event, it would be an honor to pass along the word to the participants, guests and media that New Jersey has officially declared November to be Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Please do your part at making this proposed legislature a timely reality!


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Keep up the great work! At first when I started reading I thought some singer had wanted lung cancer month declared, and I wonder who that singer was, woops, then I caught on that it was a senator Singer. Again we all need to keep trying and your efforts are reallly appreciated. Donna G

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