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Update on dad


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Last Monday, the hospice nurse came to do her usual house visit. She saw dad much worse than before. Dad told her that he had pain not only in right side but left side of the chest. He was coughing more the prior weekend. He also was sleeping a lot during the day and very lethargic.

What we tried was reducing the anount of sleeping pills. He tried one instead of two, therefore he became more active during the day. His cough also subsided due to his new cough medication. The nurse told me we may have to give dad more powerful drugs for the pain, I was worried because if he got more medicated he may be have been drowsy and sleepy all day. Luckily, he hasnt taken much pain meds and the medication has helped him. Dads appetite is not good, but he eats 3 meals a day still.

I started to give him high doses of L-arginine. This is a kind of amino acid which in studies have helped boost the immune system and help tumor shrinkage. He also take genestein (soy supplement). My friend who is a researcher recommended this to me. He also recommended the hoxsey formula. Basically he said they are all worth a shot. We can't waste time doing nothing.

Well dad has said he feels better taking these supplements. I hope it does help him. I also set up an appointment with him to go to St Vincent medical center in LA for a clinical trial. I hope these alternative treatments can help him until we go to see the doctors at St Vincent. Hey, also dad hasnt needed oxygen in 4 days. I will try to push on, so you see in the mist of misery and hopelessness there is hope as long as you seek it! Good luck to us all in this rollercoaster ride!

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I don't know what to say other than there is HOPE! You are such a wonderful support to your dad. I will be praying that these alternative therapies really help him, and the clinical trials in LA turn out to be just the thing he needs to beat this.

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I would like to thank you for your responses. Dad was okay today. I wen to see a professional soccer game here in Los Angeles and had fun for 3 hours and forgot about the cancer as much as possible. I will continue to seek new treatments for my dad and never give up. No matter where this disease may take us I will know I did all I could do!! Peace!

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Thanks for keeping us updated on your dad when we know you are very busy and concerned. I'm praying for continued relief and betterment for him. Take care of yourself, too. So glad you are RIGHT HERE for him.

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