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A question i'm curious about.....


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A question i'm curious about and also wondering if anyone else has had this question come to mind.

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or know of the possibilty of a desease such as Cancer or of course any other serious desease of it appearing or showing up and then just goes away with treatment or on it's own......

I realize there are people who for example have Cancer dx'ed and the Cancer never seem's to grow /change with or with out treatment and they depart this world many year's later say from heart failure.

Hope i'm not out of place asking this on the SCLC page......


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Some lung cancers and other cancers are very slow growing. Typical carcinoid a form a lung cancer *may* never cause a death. Some forms of prostrate cancer grow so slow that treatment is not done, especially in an older man who will probably not be affected by cancer.

There are rare cases of spontaneous remission of cancers. Though this I assume is VERY rare. I am guessing 1/100,000 or so? Not sure just a guess.

If your search this sight for hypothyroid, you will find an research article about a case of spontaneous remission of lung cancer. It does not say how often it happens. I *could* in theory happen more than we know - If you imagine the situation that sometime was never dectected and goes away. Kind of like the if a tree falls when no one around does it actually make a sound.

I personally wouldn't rely on my cancer going away on its own if I had cancer.

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