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well now its my turn.


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well tomorrow,(thursday) is my turn for my biopsy. I still can't believe it. What are the odds that an entire family would be stricken with cancer but then I think of Connie and I know it does happen.

I go under the knife and needle (both types of biopsy's being done) at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I know I will not know tomorrow whether or not its positive. They said it would take abot 3-5 working days. so it won't be until next week.

My sister can't go with me because she is going to the radiologist to get tatooed for her radiation. I don't know why they are doing that before her 2nd surgery but what do I know.

So if I could ask for a prayer or two...well anything would help at this point. I have had pain since they told me the spots were there but I think its in more in my head than the two spots themselves.

I am always tired but thats b/c of the xanax and anti-depressants and just my crazy life in general.

anyhoo, i will be on when I can, mucho love to you all in case something freaky happens.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'll say prayers, think good thoughts, send positive energy and lots of hugs your way.

I stopped typing for a minute without realizing it. I was too busy thinking, Please, please let Shelly be okay.


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Shelly I will be thinking of you! And remember, like Cheryl said, most bumps are not cancer. I know, hard to believe it with all that is going on :roll:

Has your sister been staged yet?

Oh, and as for the pain, I remember reading awhile back that breast cancer is actually painless, breast pain is usually from menstrual cycle and stuff :)

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Good luck to you tomorrow--remember, even if this is something, and that's still a big if, this is very, very manageable. PM me if you want--I was thinking you may have some preliminary results tomorrow with frozen section samples during the biopsy--I did. Final path was not in till a few days later. This is going to be ok.


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