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Amelie's Mom


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Amelie posted under her original topic tht she thought her Mom might have lung cancer. Nobody may see it as she posted it as a reply to her own topic. She says her Mom still won't see a doctor and is having a lot of pain in her arm and back and she doesn't know what to do for the pain besides a heating pad. You can try Motrin over the counter or extra strength tylenol. I guess you can buy pain pills over the web but they are expensive and I wouldn't know which one was good for pain. Amelie says her Mom is sleeping alot. Fatigue is a sign of cancer or some people sleep alot when they have an infection. Maybe someone else can give you some better ideas. I'm sorry your Mom is in pain. Sometimes lung cancer will cause pain in the back. It did with a friend of mine who had it. The hospice gave him percocet for his pain. Prayers for you and your Mom!


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