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Chinese anti-tumour drug?


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Its been a long time since I have posted on this website. Alot has happened since then and I am back in search of wisdom.

I recently read an article in a local paper, The Province July 4th/04, referring to a new treatment in Hong Kong. It's a drug called "Gendicine" and is "the world's first officially licensed "gene therapy" ". Clinical trials found it improved the survival rate for those with cancer of the neck and head and now doctors are extending it to people with lung and stomach cancer.

Supposedly the drug is injected into the tumour and "it invades itself and commits suicide".

My questions to you all are as follows:

1. Has anyone else heard of this and if so have any doctors out there recommended it?

2. How does one go about getting themselves on a list for treatment in a different country?

Any advice of this would be great...thanks so much!

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Thanks John...that was even more informative than the article I have..and it has an email address for the doctor.

Much appreciated. Unfortunately in order to receive treatment you must go to china so I guess we will have to look into some travel plans.

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Dear Tracy,

My dad NSCLC squamous cell too. I have found this site today. and so your message. I am searching about gendicine for a while I have found something but not exact informaton how to get the therapy. could you find anything how to get the thearpy. Who should we contact , waht should we do?

I would appriciate if you share info you've found.

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We are looking into gendicine in our family as a possible option for my Mum with Stage IV NSCLC. My uncle is a GP in Australia and he has a patient with pancreatic cancer (I think?) who has gone to China for this treatment. It is ONLY available in China. You MUST travel to China for the treatment. My sister has some more information on contact details etc., so I shall ask her to post the information she has with any email address or extra information she has. Hopefully this will go up later today or tomorrow.



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As Jana said, the treatment is only available in China. I don't understand how their regulatory bodies work over there, but from what I can gather, the therapy has been approved for head and neck cancers only, however may be administered to patients with other types of cancer on a case-by-case basis, and it is fully the patient's responsibility should they elect to go ahead with the treatment.

The contact person for overseas patients is Dr Qing Yu, and her email address is qing.yu@sibiono.com

As Jana mentioned, a patient of our uncle's is currently undergoing the treatment for pancreatic cancer, so we are eager to see how she fares. Will keep you posted on that.

I hope this information is useful to you.


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It looks pretty legitimate to me, although I don't understand how it can be approved for only one type of cancer, and yet be allowed to be administered to patients with other types of cancer.??

If you do a google search on gendicine it will bring up some info for you. There is not too much written about it yet.

Will be interested to hear what you think.


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Dear Jana,

Did you get any information from your sister? I look forward for your answer. Reaserch is continued for lung cancer. Phase II was completed. I think it is in Phase III. so waht I understand: untill Phase III is completed the drug will be only for trials (that means there will be a need for permission).

Thank you all for your help.



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